by Tomiwa Ademidun

Posted on Sept 27, 2016 at 7:37 AM

t-blog demo 1

Working at a Large company during the summer, I realized how important communication is in large teams. Many comapnies have realized this and tried to build internal social media tools. However, finding the balance between a great user experience, professionalism and security is a challenge for many companies, hence the creation of t-blog.

T-blog is quite simply the best, most secure social media platform for enterprises.

Employees are able to coomunicate with each other in a truly social manner, yet all information is siloed and safely secured within the company's information technology (IT) protocols.

  • '@' Functionality to ensures your message gets to the right people.
  • '@' Privileges ensures you only see the messages you want to see.
  • All information shared within the intra-network is secure and matches whatever internal security protocols the company currently uses.
  • Hashtags, event creating, picture tagging and many more features!
  • Coming soon: t-pay. Send and receive payments for various workplace initiatives.

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