Global Health

by Tomiwa Ademidun

Posted on Sept 6, 2016 at 9:00 AM

Global Health Consulting Work 1

Pat and Sue Dineno are the managers of Global Health, a healthcare diagnostic company for enterprises. They had been running their business relatively the same way for many years and realized they needed to update their business processes, so they came to Atila Tech.

Prior to using Atila Tech they would typically carry out most of their business functions with paper. From hiring nurses, patient reports, payslips etc. As their business began to grow faster and their customer's behaviours changed the need for a scalable, efficient business process was necessary.

Using a propietary software platform called Podio we were able to work with Global Health to improve their workflows and make their business more efficient

  • Streamlined operations towards a more "paperless" system.
  • Important data stored in secure digital databases.
  • Vast amount of company information can be indexed for quick retrieval and to identify relationships within various departments.
  • Business processes are being automated using the GlobiFlow framework

Global Health Consulting Work 2

Global Health Consulting Work 3